Àngels Freixanet begins her artist career with painting exhibitions inscribed in an expressionism with French influences. From her first journey to New York, she contacts with the informalism world, the large architectural spaces and the freedom of the vanguards. There, she feels the call of the material iron and decides definitively on the sculpture.
She had her first individual exhibition in 1974 at “Sala Gaudí” in Barcelona. From then, she has made thirty more exhibitions in Spanish and foreign cities, such as Madrid, Bilbao, Málaga, Lérida, Zaragoza, París, Genève, Aix-en-Provence and five more in Barcelona.
She has also participated in collective exhibitions in Paris, Genève, Stuttgart, New York, Narbonne, Madrid and Barcelona.
In the field of scenery, she has created a series of sculptures-furniture for the designer David Valls, used at the presentations of the Gaudí Fashion Show in Barcelona. Moreover, she has built the staging for the concert “Cançons” (Songs), by Manel Camp, and also the scenery of the musical “El Retaule de la Llum”(The Altarpiece of the Light), by Juan Barbé and Manel Camp, “Plaça Reial” (Royal Square), by Enric Llort and Ramón Escalé, “El musical d´en Bisbal” (Bisbal´s musical), “Cantant Biba´ l rei” (Singing to the king´s honor) and “Habemus Cristo”, words by Juan Barbé and music by Xavier Mestres, as well as the dramatic play “Joc” (Game), by Andreu Martín.
After 1990, her creations integrate colours and natural materials together with iron. In recent years, she has had exhibitions at the “Casa Elizalde” in Barcelona and the Cervantes Institute of Milano, the “Urban Gallery”of Zaragoza, the Comarcal Council of Solsona, the Bages/Berguedà Local Office of the Architect´s College, the “Sala Blanquerna” at Madrid and the County Council Palace of Jaén. From april to september 2005, on the occasion of “The Year of Books”, she has exhibited six big size sculptures in the gardens of the “Palau Robert” at Barcelona. In 2007 she has presented an exhibition in a section of Terminal A at Barcelona Airport.
Her sculptures can be found in several museums of Spain, at the Orly Aeroport (Paris) and in the city of Porto. Specially remarkable are the large size sculptures such as “L´Angel del Voluntariat” (Angel of the Volunteers) dedicated to the centennial of the Red Cross and “Mil Cent” created to celebrate the one thousand one hundred anniversary of Manresa, both located in this city. “Rambla del Garraf” (Garraf Boulevard), symbol of Garraf region, can be seen in the road that goes from Sant Pere de Ribes to Vilanova i la Geltrú. Finally, the sculpture “L´esperit del paper” (Spirit of the paper) presides the setting for the new press building of Grupo Z at Parets del Vallés. Since 2007 her “Monument al miner” is raised at Suria (Barcelona) and in 2008 has been installated in front of the Railroad Station of Molins the Rei the work entitled
“Des de l´estació” (From the station)
She has also made trophies for cultural and scientific prizes, like ones for the I Video Awards of the Costa Brava at Lloret de Mar, one for the newspaper “Regió 7”, the prizes to commemorate the XXV anniversary of the “Mutua Manresana de Previsión Social”, the ones awarded at the VIII Medical Urgencies Congress of Catalunya and the Plácido” award granted at the Cinema Festival of Manresa.

Àngels Freixanet has obtained several international awards, and very prominent people such as Salvador Espriu, José Luis Guarner, Jorge Edwards, Manuel Vázquez Montalbán, Hado Lyria and Giò Pomodoro have written about her art.




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